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Food-Delivering sites now cater to a major segment of the e-service market. Backed by a considerable expansion in revenue, the current Food delivery market reveals a huge scope for budding online enterprises.It is indeed an appealing idea to serve restaurant-ready hot meals at door-steps with minimal service charges. But materializing it requires seamless effort and a dedicated website with a semantic & professional design.

Meeting on spot demands in offices, homes or on-the-way is not a complicated affair at all. All you need to have is an interactive website which synchronizes precisely with all available restaurants that have registered themselves to it. Beside that you can also afford to open a channel for a specific restaurant too. 

The important factors to concentrate on are an attractive website with hoards of user-friendly access features including an updated GPS tracking system and a well-netted framework of restaurants. Once the features are integrated, you can proceed with the food-delivering affair. You can achieve this by availing the professional & instant Food delivery solution from Agriya.

This solution embraces the following features:

A semantic User Interface

A user-friendly interface gives instant and easy access to the user/ customer. This makes navigation smoother and desirable eliminating hassles. It is a sound interface which determines the user’s convenience & consecutively the popularity of your website.

Optimized GPRS system

There is nothing to rule out the inevitability of an optimized GPRS system in online food delivering platforms. Beginning with tracking restaurants online, searching for places to tracking delivery and pick up of parcels in and out of restaurants, this feature does most of your business chores.

Reliable Payment Portal

The solution is linked up with a reliable and preferable framework to ensure safe payments and transactions. All transaction- related queries & concerns are resolved too on an instant basis by way of quick messages. The customers can avail the benefits of cash as well as cashless transactions based on their preferences.  

Multiple Languages for customers to choose from 

Providing language options is a foremost requisite when you want your platform to serve people of different localities & different preferences. We provide this option to make users feel at home and navigate with ease.

Here's the demo,
Admin Panel 

A flexible admin panel will guide you through the entire process and also keep you updated with latest orders, changes in orders, payments & more. You can edit or give the desired shape to your website and make any preferred additions of restaurants and locations.

Instant Query resolution through calls and messaging

Customers are provided instant feedback and information in case of a change in order, order cancellation, doubts etc. Also, customers can change or cancel orders on an instant basis followed by confirmation in the form of messages and emails.  

Drawing to close

There is a rampant increase in online meal-bookings mostly in offices and almost equally in homes owing to changes in lifestyle. There is an upsurge in working professionals staying up late in their office chambers or meetings. Also, there is a growing demand for mid-night meals, Anniversary/Birthday surprises etc. making food delivery sites all the more exciting &  indispensable. If you are planning a similar enterprise, you can make your own Food-Delivering-portal too.     

In the Current Day businesses which thrive on technical expertise and know-how alone,the role of mobiles cannot be understated. Mobiles have been capable of driving technology miles ahead and have significantly impacted the success of multifarious enterprises, thanks to the famous Mobile Applications! With Android phones hitting the German market with a sales volume share of roughly 82.3% in 2017, there are now compelling reasons for business drivers to start building Android Applications for their businesses. 

As it boils down to the fact that the major chunk of smart-phone users are in fact android users. This is good news for the custom mobile application development CompaniesBefore a business decides to own a mobile application , it has to ponder a bit on its usages. Well, there are numerous compelling reasons to help you arrive at a decision. Here we feature few of the irreproachable arguments in favour of owning a business application -

Increases visibility & popularity
Lends a more convenient channel for communicating with customers
A Medium for Marketing
Improves Customer involvement

Further, opting an Android Application has its own unique advantages.You can never undermine the precision & clarity of these systems.
Here we go ahead chalking out a few:

1. A Bigger Market Share
The android phones, as already mentioned earlier, occupy a bigger chunk of the market share, making them viable to a more profit-earning potential. Every business shall opt for the most popular framework among customers.

2. Stands out of the crowd
The best challenge for any application is to thrive in the market is and withstand the throat-cut competition. The best way to do this is to create an unmatched solution.Android Application Development companies simply do this. They create unique and customized Android App Solutions to beat the heat of competition. With skilled, prudent and  an apt team of enthusiastic developers, the Android Team has succeeded by far in carving a niche.

3. A Highly Secure Platform
The Android platforms share one more reason for a wider acceptability. The platforms are fixed for greater security by Google. They are armed with automated systems which constantly protect them against threats. Periodic notifications are created to decrypt the devices.

4. Cost-efficient
Being an open-source platform, Android is easy to access and also executable. Thus android App developers make cost-efficient Android apps which is further a bonus point.

5. Creates Brand Value
A well-designed & well-knit Android app bears some exclusive features that make you stand out as a Brand. This helps you to build an image and position yourself in the minds of customers. There is indeed nothing like a good app to create a vivid image of your business making it alluring for your prospects.

6. A better Interface to promote improved user experience
Android offers smoother and quicker navigation to its users. The UI is unbeatable in terms of flexibility & user-friendliness. A good platform exhibits good performance and adds to user satisfaction by providing a convenient platform.


While smart-phones have augmented usage globally, it is needless to overstate the usage of web applications by customers. With a rampant mushrooming of e-commerce & retail websites as well as changes in lifestyles, customers grow more and more familiar with app-usage. But choosing the right app is the crux of the entire business, if you are planning to have it. It is anyway advisable to take recourse to a well-knit Android App development company to create your own business app. It is better to take time and invest on a good application rather than go for low rated designs and solutions. So make a smart choice for a result-oriented business ahead.

One of the necessity to sustain our existence is food and so is considered as the most reliable, ever-demanding business to step on to. Global food businesses survive the huge competition in the market through diverse tastes and cuisines. And especially when it comes to food, convenience plays a crucial role as well. Modern food delivery services utilize several technological assistance to provide a flawless, accurate service for their customers. Precise tracking and navigation systems allow businesses to guarantee a premium delivery service any time. Here we discuss the challenges faced by food delivery services and the solutions for the same.

Types of food delivery platforms

Modern-day food delivery functions based on mobile applications, which makes the food ordering much flexible and convenient.  Any Mobile Application Development Company with a decent experience can guide you through the process of development. You can choose the type of food delivery app according to your requirements and mode of operations.


Here in this delivery app model, orders are transferred directly to the restaurants and the further delivery services will be taken care of by the same. The role of the food delivery platform here is to showcase the menu and to facilitate the payments.

New Delivery

When the order is placed, it will be assigned to the delivery person, he will further collect the order for the restaurant and deliver it. The food delivery app here not only shows the restaurant related information but control the money transactions and delivery as well.

What Makes Food Delivery so Tough?

There is a multitude of reasons that can damage the flawlessness of a food delivery service. Some of the prominent factors are listed below.

Inconsistent Customer Behaviour

Since being one of the prominent business sectors, the major concern associated with food business is the fluctuating loyalty of customers. The instability in customer behaviours makes it hard for us to predict the outcome. A restaurant which offers better deals and prices will earn credibility. However, there is no sure way to ensure a long lasting customer satisfaction.

Logistics Limitations

Logistics has always been a problem when it comes to delivery. It is hardly possible to provide a full-scale delivery network, especially for small businesses. There are many things one have to consider in relation to logistics. Do you have delivery service throughout the city? Are you getting a significant number of orders from a particular area?How many delivery vehicles you need or how do you allocate the those accordingly? Moreover, you should consider the food quality, customer expectation, and satisfaction as well.

Issues with the Application

This can happen frequently and of course, it can cause you serious troubles too.  Concerns regarding the booking operations within the platform can prevent customers from placing the orders. So, to keep your application up-to-date is important as it can influence the business big time. Hire Android application developers or any others in accordance with the platform in which you build your application. Maintain your delivery app regularly,  give proper updates, innovate further, and the outcome will reflect a constant business growth.

 Unreliable Delivery and Logistics Staff

Several many businesses have emerged out of the realization that the food supply is a constant need and as long as humans are here, you are not gonna run out of the business. But as for now, the situation has changed. The entry of E-commerce giants like Amazon and Uber has revolutionized the whole market. They have financial and operational resources to satisfy any market needs. So, to cope with this tight competition is more of a hard challenge for small delivery businesses.

Hectic Competition

Several many businesses has emerged out of the realization that the food supply is a constant need and as long as humans are here, you are not gonna run out of the business. But as for now, situation has changed. The entry of E-commerce giants like Amazon and Uber has revolutionized whole market. They have financial and operational resources to satisfy any market needs. So, to cope with this tight competition is more of a hard challenge for small delivery businesses.

Outshine the Challenges  by Technologies

The solution to confront all these challenges is to deliver a more efficient, pleasant service. The more we concentrate on technological innovations, the more precision we achieve, the more  we advance as a business. Delivery services which are following “New delivery model” are trying to develop their own delivery circle. In fact, a new smart software system is under development, which can route the incoming orders precisely to the right delivery drivers in the neighbourhood.  This could be a more intelligent, intuitive platform. For instance, If the algorithm has to experience losses on some orders (with low margins), it should be smart enough to compensate for it by adjusting rates on other orders, to shove the overall profitability for the company in the positive.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are running a small scale food business or a large one, food delivery has become an essential part of it. Building a food delivery application seek prior consideration if you are going to step on to food business. Studies have shown that customers are more comfy and happy using the delivery apps. They prefer convenience and flexibility over other factors. However, to develop a food delivery app is not much of a hectic job now. One can always look for ready-made solutions or even they can approach any Mobile Application development company in India.

develop mobile apps small business

Without a second thought, one can definitely say that the whole world has gone mobile and dependency  on smart devices has increased. Mobile apps are the heart and soul of a smart device that makes it's user's life as easy as possible. When mobile apps were first introduced, they were considered as a style statement because of the development costs and was only used for the branding purposes. Many custom mobile Application development companies have started implementing a streamlined app development process using the readily available software development kits thus reducing the costs of the mobile apps.

Having only an online site is no longer a feasible option for small businesses as a majority of the consumers have moved to mobile phones and tablets for their online activities. With the unprecedented rise in the social media activeness, the consumers interact with brands and other services on a daily basis. The kind of traffic these mobile apps generate a lot of leads and in turns potential customers. Let further discuss the other main factors why small businesses have to develop a mobile app as soon as possible.

To Create A Strong “Brand Recall”

As a thumb rule, any business should be engaging with its customers on a regular basis and for a small business, its the only way to increase the revenues. The main reason why this has to be done is to create a “brand recall” among the customers, which can be explained as a better association of the product or the service with a particular brand or the business respectively. The customers must have your brand on top of their mind when it comes to a particular service or product. For a small business, a mobile app is the best and easy way to create such a strong bond with the customers.

To Attain Maximum Reach

One advantage of being in a smaller business is that, you are in a capacity to try and reach out to most of your customers. A mobile app for such ventures will result in keeping a close-knitted relationship with its customers, interact personally with them, answer their queries and even listen to their suggestions for the improvement of the overall business.

Help in Providing Value Added Services for the Customers

Nothing makes a consumer happy like the added value he receives for the money he spends. Being in a small business sector, a mobile app can help you devise and implement feasible value added strategies for the customers who can make use of it.


2016 has created endless opportunities for upcoming ventures and small businesses to achieve their desired success and a mobile application is only going to enhance it. The future projections for revenue generation through mobile apps are estimated to be huge and are likely to be a major source of income for all businesses. With a proper planning strategy and a smart use of the technologies available, these small businesses will be on the rise in no time.

iphone7 release date features predictions

If there is one smartphone brand that creates so much of buzz even before the launch of its products, it is unarguably Apple. iphone7 is already creating ripples. Equally, there is so much of speculation about the features, release date and price. The geeks, the students, tech enthusiasts, providers of iPhone Application Development Services, Developers and the general public, however, have to wait for some more time to get an experience of the yet to be released device(s).

Speculated Specifications

  • iPhone 6 has seen a radical change from its predecessor 5S. Likewise, iPhone7 is expected to see a greater change in the design front.
  • Again contradicting the above expectations, a new report suggests that iPhone7 will not be much different from that of 6S in terms of design. Tweaks can be made to the camera so as to fit into the case much easily, and antenna lines are set to get removed. 
  • Other important and interesting speculation is that the new handset will be tougher and will get a waterproof frame. This move to improvise on hardware is seen as Apple's attempt to catch up with Samsung. Reports from TrendForce are voicing that the next iPhone will come with 3GB RAM. If this is to happen, then the users are set to celebrate.
  • What would be a good news is that the arriving phone will be much thinner than its predecessor. This can happen with Apple keeping aside the 3.5mm headphone jack port. 
  • Apple, by removing the 3.5mm headphone jack, will leave its users the option of Lightning-compatible headphones. What will happen to the extra space left by undoing the headphone jack? It is expected that it would be filled with an additional speaker, thereby giving iPhone7 a stereo sound. 
  • The two versions in the new release would be 4.7 inch iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus with 5.5 inches. Rumors mills are also working overtime spreading the news that updations to previous versions will also enter the market. However, one should not mistake such rumors for facts.
  • If it is to be believed that the next iPhone is to use the Samsung's OLED screen technology, there are are many reasons to cheer. This change in iPhone will offer it better vibrancy and power efficiency. Again, do not fall prey to such kind of speculations because there are also reports that that rubbish off these claims.
  • As usual, it is being heard that the new iPhone will be released with an increased screen resolution. Like the previous 6S, 3D touch technology will be included.
  • Importantly, the news is that Intel is set to supply up to 40 percent of modems for the upcoming models of Apple. Till date, it was Qualcomm's LTE modems that were used by Apple. Making this shift indicates the Apple's interest in achieving faster speeds. Notably, Intel's LTE modems provide 450 Mbps download speed and 100 Mbps upload speed as against  Qualcomm MDM9635 modem which provides 300 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload speed.  Qualcomm MDM9635 is at present used in iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus. 

Date of Release

We all know that September was the month in which 6S entered the market. We can expect iPhone 7, too, to get launched in the month of September of 2016. But it is to be known that the month is just tentative or rather speculative. 

Final Words

Apple is known for its surprises, anyway. This time too, we only have to patiently wait to know what is in store for us. The above mentioned are some of the most expected and desired changes in the yet to release iPhone7. 

android security issues

Android from its humble beginnings has risen to great popularity today. Android operating system powers the smartphones of a majority of people across the globe. This OS platform is open source and is also highly scalable. That being the case, an Android application developer is given the freedom to develop interesting applications. 

It is obvious to many that there are so many advantages when using the Android platform.Despite that, it is important that one doesn't overlook the vulnerabilities as well. Vulnerabilities, if not dealt, can result in comprising data security. Even the user's personal information will become prone to attacks. All that mentioned, as an Android developer, it is necessary that you are conscious of the vulnerabilities so as to secure your apps. Below are some of the vulnerabilities. 

Open Source

Being an open source is a boon as well as a bane. Boon, because it makes the tasks of a developer very simple. However, from the security point of view, it really poses a challenge to the developer. People with malicious intent may take advantage of the easily available source code. They may create security breaches. 


There are thousands of distinctive Android devices and an equal number of brands. Every device, regardless of whether it is cheaper or pricey, uses the Android OS. Such is the fragmentation. With every manufacturer making their own changes to the operating system, the entry of viruses and malware are becoming easier. However, such glaring gaps aren't found in stock Android.

Slow-Moving Upgrades

Everyone concurs when said Android users move at a snail's pace when it comes to adopting patches and upgrades. Equally, they are slow when it comes to to switching over to the new version of its OS. It is here does the problem arises. An outdated version of the operating system is highly likely and easily prone to data, identity thefts. 

JS-Binding-Over-HTTP  Vulnerability

JavaScript binding method may be the simplest approach if you load web content into Android app. But did you realize that you will have to page a huge price in the form of security cost. Web view using HTTP can most likely result in welcoming the attackers to hijack the HTTP data. 

Third Party App Stores

Third party apps are known to be malware affected than the Google play store. It is not to paint every third-party store with the same brush; however, the security threats are found. Hence, choose a right third-party store for you. 


Despite the presence of security threats, Android continues to be the most popular operating system. There have been efforts to plug loopholes that give way for attackers to take advantage.  

Mobile app dev trends, beyond 2016

Mobile applications stay close to the life of people including the young as well as the old, despite the basis of any specified category. Mobile application development as a phenomenon helps major corporate players to extend the reach of their business to the common man. It involves multiple domains such as education, e-commerce, crowdfunding, entertainment, and many more. 

As per the analysis of reputed organizations, there is a considerable increase in the number of people who use mobile applications to meet the demands of everyday interactions. Number of applications that are getting listed in the Apple store and the Google Play indicates the possibility of a solid growth in the domain of custom mobile apps development

Like website development, creation of smart phone applications alters according to the latest technologies available in the market. In this article, we can analyze some technologies for creating mobile applications that are trending in 2016, and beyond.

Hybrid HTML 5 

There are developers who prefer the creation of native applications over hybrid ones. Still, hybrid HTML 5 is gaining popularity. It has the ability to back multiple mobile devices, and is supported by various platforms. The ease of developing apps remains as another plus point.

Localized Applications & Location Based Services

Both these cannot be considered as the latest technologies, but these terms are getting refined to a great extent. Catering to users based on their location have become very crucial to the existence of many applications. Localized applications that offer users plenty of freedom and flexibility will remain in the trend for a long time.

Wearable devices

High-end watches that can monitor our heart beats, receive phone calls, and suit many other purposes are hitting the industry. Smart watches of Apple and Google are good instances. Thus, applications that suit the functioning of even more compact resolutions of wearable devices will gain popularity.

Cloud Technology will continue its Magic

Cloud based mobile applications can be set in small sizes, and they provide developers easy ways to sync into the resolutions of various devices.  Compatibility of cloud-based applications are reasonably high. Hence, cloud technologies are expected to keep the same momentum in 2016, as well.

Creation of Secure Applications

Applications that provide high security to the users are highly preferred these days. Apple store, and Google play has stressed the need for applications that stand high on security. A vulnerable application which leaks users data to the third person should be kept away from the app stores. So app security will receive prime consideration in 2016.

Enterprise Applications over Customer Apps

2016 has shown a clear prominence of enterprise applications over customer apps. Enterprise apps returns more ROI compared to customer apps. It is expected that every big-scale organizations will run their own enterprise apps by the end of 2016.


Internet of Things(IOT) has earned so much fame in the beginning of 2016 itself. The world is moving in a rapid pace to get connected with each other. It will take mobile apps development to the next level. This buzzword is growing big, and is likely to advance much more.

Mobile Banking

Online purchases done with the aid of smartphones are increasing considerably. Secure payment gateways have enabled easy money transactions, hence as per the current trend mobile transactions will emerge big in coming years, as well.

Summing it Up

Mobile app developers are striving hard to make use of innovative concepts and build superb applications that work well with all devices. So we can expect the introduction of highly refined applications in 2016 according to the changing trends in technology. 

E commerce is an influential business term which keeps on creating a lot of rings, and whistles in the present scenario. An exclusively framed e-commerce application has tremendous potentials to gather good amounts of revenue for every business entrepreneur. After analyzing the success of e-commerce applications, businesspersons wish to grab the chance, and try their luck in this domain. In general, e commerce applications demand relatively high user-interface, hence choosing iOS as the platform will be beneficial. iPhone app developers as well as businesspersons who create an e-commerce app for the first time will have to stick to certain basic elements, and that are mentioned in this article.

Do A Market Analysis and Create The App Accordingly

Before entering into the creation of iPhone applications, directly, you should do an ample analysis of the market. Then only, you can find out how effectively your application will operate in that market. Identify the key features that your competitor provides to clients with the assistance of their application. Thus an entrepreneur can add exceptional features, and make their application really stand out, and remain as an exclusive one in the iPhone app store.

Choose The Best iPhone App Developers in The Industry

Once you get into the open market for the creation e commerce applications that run in the iOS platform, you will meet numerous companies that offer the same services. Then entrepreneurs need to find out answers for some usual questions: Do the iPhone app developer has any prior experiences in creating e commerce applications? What is the current rating of iPhone applications created by the developer? Is the user-feedback of the company good? If you are receiving a positive answer for all these questions, then it will be wise to select the particular company or developer for creating your application.

Make Use Of Native Technologies and Be Localized At Most

Your e commerce application developed for iPhone users will be the best, if it is created by using native technologies, especially ‘Objective c’ as the language to the core. All features enabled in the application should be accessible by every local user. Your e commerce iPhone application must support multiple languages, and open comfortably in all localities. Users are having most modern iPhone devices in their hand these days. Then e- commerce applications must be tuned with advanced technologies to work in modern iPhone devices having no functional issues.

Create An App Which Excels The App Store Specifications

Apple maintains a faultless review process for keeping the authenticity of their App store. For that reason iPhone applications comes with least number of bugs, crashes, and performance issues. Make an e commerce iPhone applications which goes beyond the expectations of the viewers in terms of function as well as performance.

Let Your App Be Innovative in All Specifications

E-commerce applications centers round the listing of categories. Users who install your e commerce application in their iPhone devices must receive all virtues such as well- defined categories that make easy for users to pick out their desired products, one-tap and secure payment options, user-friendliness, superb navigation, formidable social media integration, and rapid downloads so on. In logos, graphics, and design, your application should have least resemblance to the competing e commerce application, as well.

Spread The Word Before The Launch

Every user who makes use of iOS operating system should be aware of the launch date of your new e commerce application. Spread the good-word of your application by all means of advertisement encompassing social media platforms even before the launch, and ease the initial pressure on developers who are involved in the process of your introductory e-commerce iPhone application development.


No mobile users in this world can ignore the fact that Windows as a platform comes after Android, and iOS, when it comes to custom mobile application development, and the number of users, as well. 

Android and iOS hold the majority of shares in the mobile market, and both release out a good number of innovations that are preferred by most users. If we make a general analysis of total mobile users all over the world, we will find a great number of users who stick to Windows platform, from the period of its launch. There are certain facets in which Windows really outshine iOS and Android. In this extract, let us read it out in detail. 


Windows platform seldom compromises on security. iOS and Android provide very good security options, but both of these platforms have faced the issues with intruders many times, and it gets nasty in Android quite often. Take the case of safety with applications, internet browsing, and storing of data. In all these instances, Windows as a platform stands tall to iOS and Android. 

We cannot imagine a smart phone without applications. Still, many of the applications that run in android as well as iOS send vulnerable data of users out. Number of applications in the Windows app store is marginal, but it has all essential applications that are listed after a high security check, and solid vigilance. There are very fewer chances of error. Android gives options for developers to launch the application, and checks security aspects later. Thus safety issues occur with android. iOS is better than Android in this affair, but Windows wins in this ultimate race.

Standardized Framing of Applications

In settings and designing parameters of applications, Windows keeps high standards. Every mobile application developer who goes through the creation of Windows applications should keep these standards. Thus a windows platform offers users a good control over its applications. Every application listed in the Windows app store functions superbly than the corresponding application which runs in iOS as well as in Android. Interface, navigation, and speed a Windows application delivers are just perfect. Windows and iOS stay close to this aspect, way-ahead of Android.

Rapid Internet Browsing

Windows platform, either it is 8.1 or recently released 10, it supports fast internet browsing. The search results are displayed in a flash. It is the quality which Windows keeps in integration. The integration of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp is superior, hence all these tiles function with a great speed. The ability to handle various tasks at a time is also top notch. Even if iOS devices come first, when we take the case of multi-tasking, Windows devices are not so far behind. Multi-tasking support of Windows is very impressive.

A Fantastic Personal Assistant

Just use Cortana, the personal assistant of Windows 10 devices, and immediately you will realize the difference. Without any question, you will list it first in the comparison chart with iOS and Android. Cortana works well than the Siri for iOS, and the Google Now for Android.


It is a core fact that Windows ranks third in the total mobile market share, but a genuine user of Windows sticks to it, for the facets mentioned above. Windows Mobile releases out in fewer varieties, but it is rich in many facets that the users can hardly resist.


Mobile games have a kind of alluring power in them. No matter what one's age is, children or adults, both demonstrate equal enthusiasm when it comes to playing mobile games. They get glued to their smartphones and become totally oblivious to the happenings around them. Of late, with the ubiquitous presence of smartphones, these games have been gaining tremendous popularity, owing to several reasons. 

Their Advantage is their Portability

Mobile phones are portable and therefore, the games can be played anywhere. On board a bus, in the restaurant or even in the loo. Literally, you can play mobile games anywhere. All one has got to do is download the game from Appstore or GooglePlay and start the game. 

Lesser Development Costs

The development costs are much lesser than developing games for PC or a console. Reason? They can be just downloaded from one's phone. And so there is no necessity of packing, promotion and shipping. 

A lesser screen size of mobile, limited processing power also ensure that there is less complexity in coding. Every single mobile application development company has been evincing interest in developing mobile games. 

Cheap and Free Games 

Most games that can be downloaded from the app stores are either free or affordable. They don't burn a hole in your pocket. However, one has to be ready to face the ads that may most of the times seem annoying you. 

Console Quality Titles

Ask a person who plays games on console, he brags about it, saying that he was the first to play the game when compared to the mobile gamers. We known mobile games are best known for creative IPs. The delay, however, is now getting addressed. The developers are taking all measures to ensure that mobile games are simultaneously released along with their release for PCs and consoles. 

Another aspect where mobile gamers are at a disadvantage is the lack of controllers during the game. The touchscreen of the mobile is put to use to enjoy the play. However, the wait for the usage of controllers in playing mobile games can come to an end. Soon, mobile-friendly controllers can be expected. The available mobile ports can come in handy, allowing mobile gamers to get the same level of enjoyment the console users get.


When we consider the stability of smart phone devices in the open market, right now, there is tough competition between two brands to keep the pace. Obviously, they are Google as well as Apple. Both go head to head in competition by updating the features of their operating systems, iOS ,and android. Both never leave out even a chance to the other in terms of improvement. iPhone app developers get much improved choices, and same is the case with android app developers

In many concerns, both brands are similar, as well as dissimilar. Still, a consumer can find a deep variation in the prices between apple devices as well as android devices. Apple devices, especially iPhones are priced way a head of smart phones that run on android platforms. Here we can check some of the aspects that determine the pricing of iPhone devices.

A Great Mixture of Hardware and Software

iPhones always come with great features. It is evident in every launch. Let us take the case of the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S plus. It has 3D tough display, which is not applicable to any of the android devices, till now. 

The technology is highly refined to identify the pressure of every tough the user makes on the device. It works in a very quick pace, as well. Then we can shift our attention to the refinement of hardware used in phones, as well. A decent as well as highly resistant, aluminum mixed body in full is coated with a rose gold color, adding to the beauty of the iPhone device. It will give a premium feel which any of the smart phones running on an android platform can offer to the customer. Thus both in the concerns of software as well as hardware, iPhone devices excel android devices.

Easy Availability of Updates

The beauty and the issue with android, as an operating system is the number of devices it runs on. On the other hand, iPhone comes in limited number of editions, and runs with the aid of single operating system. Thus the customers get faster operating system updates without any bugs or security issues very quickly in all iPhone devices. 

Android released the new operating system, Marshmallow a few months before, and 80% of devices that run with android do not have the latest version. Hence the problem of having single operating system, and multiple devices is easily visible with Android. Apple devices stand out of this issue, adding to its brand value.

Superb Cameras

Inclusion of brilliant cameras has always been the plus of iPhone devices. Even though some of the branded android devices have very powerful cameras, all that is inferior to the quality of cameras fixed in iPhone devices. The camera software, and the lens used in iPhone devices help customers to click superior as well as real life photos. Every time, Apple timely updates it camera with new features, as well. It in a sense makes every penny customer spend for iPhones worthy.


Android devices may sound high in papers, but in reality iPhones devices work fast, when it comes to performance. iOS9 is improved in every sense, and it works smoothly having no lags. In paper, iPhone’s 64 bit processor works in dual core, and most of the Android devices works with a 64 bit octacore processor. But when performance matters, iPhone devices namely 6s and 6s Plus is outstanding. Another important aspect which affects the working of Android devices is the presence of unwanted bloatware. Here also iphone devices come up ahead. iOS lacks unnecessary bloatware which affects the performance of the devices that run with it.

Security and Brand Value

Most importantly, iPhone devices offer far better security compared to android devices. iPhone devices are notable for its secure payment mode, iPay, and reliable fingerprint security. It never means that android devices stand back in terms of security, but in all means iPhone devices are top notch. Again the brand value of Apple is high, for you can find hundreds of Android devices that run with low-cost materials. 

Here also, Apple devices keep its’ uniqueness, and brand value. Even most of the services relating to iPhones including, iPhone application development services are paid, and worth spending, unlike android applications. All these important aspects reflect in the high pricing of iPhone devices, as well.

Uber Clone

Roads, and means of traveling are multiple for an adventurer as well as causal city traveler. After considering the quick commuting needs of everyone, Agriya has initiated, Taxi Pickr, a Uber clone script for the sole purpose of all iPhone users. Requirements of traveling, ranging from the selection of cabs, availability of professional drivers, and fare concerns so on may differ from individual to individual. 

This taxi booking iPhone script is intelligently crafted to tally the purpose of entrepreneurs, taxi drivers, and commuters equally. It is loaded with remarkable assets that are easy to use, and made  to bring in great revenue opportunities for the entrepreneur. This iPhone app script is dedicated to suit the sole purpose of city traveling.

Why a taxi booking iPhone script?    

A good number of business persons, and consumers all over the make use of iPhone these days. iPhone as a platform is renowned for its user-interface, and security. The number of consumers devoted to iPhones is also huge.  The reach of iPhone applications is tremendous. Hence iPhone applications have become the need of the hour, and Agriya takes a queue to it with its Taxi Pickr.

Working mechanism of Taxi Pickr  

TaxiPickr, as a Uber clone iPhone app script functions at three diverse levels satisfying the demands of an entrepreneur, a user, and the taxi drivers. At the level of business persons, this script bears good revenue options. Entrepreneurs can buy this script and run a versatile taxi booking iPhone application their own by receiving ample amount of profit. Users and the drivers can sign up to this application after completing an easy process of registration. After the registration process, drivers can list different types of taxi they have in this application. After viewing the live status of vehicles, registered users can book the vehicles regarding their purpose. 

The distance as well as fares will be correctly mentioned, and should be paid online once the user reaches their destination. Entrepreneurs can take the indicated amount of commission from the wallet, and send the concerned amount to the drivers, as well. Thus whole working process of Taxi Pickr is clear, as well as beneficial to everyone including the user, for there is no chance of hidden fares coming in between. Everyone finds their deal with this Uber clone.

Fascinating features of TaxiPickr 

An unique sign up facility, impressive social media integration, extensible login option, exceptional profile settings,proper notification settings facilitated with the services of powerful email templates, various types of cab listing, enhanced searching options, perfect mentioning of getatable cars, as well as drivers online, proper tracking facility, safe payment modes, promotion codes, and complete description of every travel comprise in the detailed list of features of this taxi booking iPhone app template.

Technologies used  

User friendliness, navigation, and perfection of Taxi Pickr iPhone app script is fantastic, for Agriya has empowered it with advanced technologies such as ‘Objective c’ , PHP, MYSQL, and furthermore. Installation as well as the hosting of services is very simple, due to the fundamental server requirements. Build you own iphone apps using the iphone app scripts available with Agriya.

Agriya presents, Taxi Pickr, the Uber clone taxi booking iPhone script by assuring full-time technical support. Thus all kinds of clients can go for a blind purchase.

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